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People have long sought a single website that provides directory services for worldwide astronomical organisations as well as information about their events. Therefore, we decided to make it happen—to set up a directory to facilitate the connection between astronomical organisations and the public, to help the public find information about events, and to help different organisations meet and interact with each other.

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This site functions as a platform for the global astronomical community to meet, and also acts as an information portal for the public to learn about astronomy activities internationally and locally. The website’s second phase will be launched in late 2014. This will include an event calendar, which astronomical organisations can easily use to publish and promote their events through this one-stop service for the general public. Moreover, this site also serves as the gateway for the organisation to pre-register to join organisation-based campaigns run by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Currently, organisations wishing to participate in the NameExoWorlds contest shall register on this website.

Scope / Eligibility

All worldwide professional astronomical bodies (such as societies of professional astronomers, astronomical observatories, and universities), public astronomical organisations (such as planetariums, science centres, amateur astronomy clubs, and online astronomy platforms) or non-profit organisations with an interest in astronomy (such as high schools and cultural clubs) can register on this website. For a full list, please see our FAQ.

Moreover, registered public astronomical organisations, membership-based online astronomy platforms and astronomy-interested organisations are eligible to participate in the NameExoWorlds contest.



Astronomical Bodies

Societies of Professional Astronomers
Astronomical Observatories
Space Agencies
Research Institutes


Public Astronomical

Science Centres
Public Observatories
Amateur Astronomy Clubs
Online Astronomy Platforms



High Schools
Cultural Clubs
Community Groups
General Sciences Groups

HOW to register

Eligible organisations can register to use this site in the following steps:

1. Create an account for your organisation by inputting your organisation’s information and contact persons’ information such as website and physical address.

2. During the process, identify your organisation category according to suitable types of organisation described above. No change in category is permitted after registration.

3. Submit relevant documents for verification.

4. Verify the email address and login to your account to complete the registration.

5. The IAU will review the application and approve the registration within one month.

6. When verification is complete, you can log in to submit your organisation's events on our calendar. (This function will be launched in the second phase of development in late December this year).

All information provided should be in English. Registrations in other languages will be rejected.



For registration, organisations shall provide

(1) organisation's website demonstrating its activity or interest in astronomy, and a verifiable non-profit status;

(2) documents that could verify to its official status such as registration record/certificate/authorization letter with official letter heads;

(3) photo of a previous astronomy-related event they conducted.


Why join us?

For astronomical organisations, increase your exposure, participate in IAU campaigns, connect with the general public, and promote your events. For the general public, this is a one-stop portal that provides you with information of astronomical events around the world and with a database of astronomical organisations worldwide.

Moreover, registering in this directory entitles you to participate in the IAU NameExoWorlds contest to name an exoplanetary system.